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Zwesh Tower seis com interior Modelo 3D

Licença de modelo 3D: Padrão    Licença de atualização
Blender 2.7
3D Modelo Especificações
190,664 Polígonos
235,534 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
Mapeado por UV
overlapping UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 960208
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Desde 2012

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A fully featured model of a eight storey apartment building in modernist style.

The building floorplan is the same on floor two through eight, the first floor consists of one room containing the stairs and elevator.

Modeled for maximum interactivity, all doors are modeled down to the hinges and can be opened at any angle, the elevator doors are sliding doors and has the same functionalty range as the normal doors.
Dialog between all interior rooms and floors works flawlessly as well as dialog between the interior and the exterior.

-Mesh objects:
Designed for your convenience each floor has its own set of mesh objects named as follows:


*No balcony for the first floor lobby.

In addition to these mesh objects are the unique objects which are as follows:


The total number of mesh objects are: 52

Main previews were rendered using the Blender internal rendering engine, Wireframes taken directly from Blender viewport.

-UV Map:
The model has a UV map setup that is layered on a per material basis and is ready to be textured.
A picture of the UV map can be located in the preview images.
Please note: The glasspanes are not UV mapped as they are ment to us a transparent node setup rather then a texture.

The model is modeled in real world scale down to each individual mesh object to ensure accuracy.

The origin point, rotation and position of the model is all at 0,0,0 with the scale of the model being 1,1,1.

The model is made using Blender.

Not a blender user?
No need to worry this product contains no procedural or blender specific content that would impede your workflow in your software of choice.

Format: Width, height, depth

Model dimensions: 17.8x27.73x15.9 meter / 58.4x90.98x52.17 feet

Thank you for your consideration.
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