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M113A2 - MERDC - Inverno Verdejante Modelo 3D

por ne3w2
Licença isenta de direitos
- Todos os usos estendidos
Licença isenta de direitos
- Todos os usos estendidos
Formatos Incluídos
3ds Max v6 mental ray
3D Studio v6
VRML "97
AutoCAD drawing 2004
DXF 2004
OpenFlight 15.8
Texture - Winter Verdant_weathered.zip
Texture - Winter Verdant_unweathered.zip
Texture - Gray Desert_unweathered.zip
Hull Texture

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3D Modelo Especificações
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Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Mixed
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- Natively modeled in 3dsmax v6.

- Standard materials.

- Comes with M2 machine gun.

- Modeled interior.

- Fully textured.

- Movable parts have correct pivot points.

- Major assemblies are grouped.

- Model uses 264,134 triangles. Polygon count without the interior is: 101,213 polys or 218,654 tris.

- All renders are made using 3DSMax built-in Mental Ray render engine.

- Textures are downloaded separately.

- PSD files for the hull is included to make it posible to alter the vehicles markings without affecting the vehicle's weathering.

- Model uses texture map, bump map, opacity map, specular map, and glossiness map.

About MERDC:

MERDC camouflage is named after the company who designed it - Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command. It was introduced in the early 70's by the US Army as a replacement for the monotone olive drab camouflage typically found on most of its vehicles.

MERDC Camouflage consisted of a set of standardized patterns for each vehicle, to be used with a set of twelve colors. The local terrain conditions and colors decided which of the paints were to be used, and on which parts of a vehicle. Then, if conditions altered, for example by a change in the weather, or by the unit moving into a new area of operations, the scheme could be quickly adjusted to suit them by replacing only one or two colors by different ones. This was a brilliant concept and truly makes this camouflage extremely versatile. Well in theory at least... because in reality, the vehicle crew never really bothered changing the vehicle's color. It is usually stuck with whatever color it has to begin with.

MERDC Camouflage were phased out in the mid 80's in favor of the NATO three-tone camouflage pattern.

The Winter Verdant scheme was typically used on vehicles based in Europe and was likely the most common MERDC scheme. The Summer Verdant scheme was most commonly used on vehicles based in the United States. The Gray Desert scheme was used on vehicles based at Fort Hood in Texas and some units based in California. The Red Desert colors were used by New Zealand army units.

With the advancement in night vision and thermal imaging, many nations lost interest and abandon any further research in camouflage patterns.

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