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Soldado Robô de Personagem Modelo 3D

3ds Max 2016  |  Default Scanline 2016
3ds Max 2016  |  Corona 1.4
3ds Max 2013  |  Default Scanline 2013
Blender 2.79  |  Cycles Render 2.79
Other info
Other textures
Other marmoset
FBX 2013
Outros arquivos
Robot Unity Project.rar
3D Modelo Especificações
10,370 Polígonos
8,450 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
Mapeado por UV
Mixed UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 1020097
32 Produtos
Desde 2014

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This is Qualitative 3d model of special Cyborg Unit that can be used in Animation/Films/Games.

Package contains Character in Midpoly and Lowpoly Resolution.

UNREAL 4 and UNITY 5 Packages included!

Character is also exported in different formats.

--------------What is LOWPOLY Version? (Description)--------

This Resolution is preferably for using In-game
10370 Polys
16.856 Tris
8450 Verts
Texturesets 2 (one for Character and one for Rifle)

--------------What is MIDPOLY Version? (Description)--------

This Resolution is preferably to use for keyart and rendering
365.010 Polys
725.298 Tris
364.819 Verts
Texturesets: 6
----------------------------Unreal Engine 4------------------------------

See file: 'Robot_Soldier.zip'

Contains Unreal Engine Project with already imported 'Lowpoly' character.
- Native Mannequin Skeleton with right bone naming convention.No need to Retarget and ready to play.
- Rifle is imported as separate Asset.
- Textures are calibrated
- Materials and Textures assigned

See file: 'FBX_files_for_Unreal.rar'
- separate FBX files

See file: 'textures_for_unreal.rar'
- separate texture files

Texture Resolution 4096x4096 PNG Format

----------------------------Unity 5----------------------------------------

See file: 'Robot Unity Project.rar'

Robot Unity Project contains:
- Scene with HDR setup
- 'Lowpoly' Version Character and 'Lowpoly' Rifle imported
- Calibrated Textures for Unity PBR Standard material
- Metallness-Smoothness Workflow
- Material and Textures applied
- Rig is prepared for Unity to work with Humanoid and Generic Animation Systems
Unzip 'Robot Unity Project.rar'
Start Unity>open project.
Choose the unzipped folder. Unity opens the project with a character.

Texture Resolution 4096x4096 TGA Format

---------------------3dsmax Default Scene---------------------

See file: 'Robot_3dsmax2016.max'
See file: 'Robot_3dsmax2013.max'
See file: 'Robot_Unity_max2016.rar'
(character biped setup for exporting to Unity)
See file: '3dsmax_textures.rar'

3dsmax version 2013-2016+

Character in 'Midpoly' and 'Lowpoly' Resolution rigged with Character Studio Biped in A-pose.
Render: Default scanline

Use this scene to work on animation or for export to another programm.

Biped for Animation:
Biped can handle handmade and motion capture animation in BIP format.

Texture Resolution 4096x4096 TGA format

-----------CORONA Render Scene (3dsmax)----------------

See file: 'robot_soldier_corona_front_render.rar'

The outcome picture you can see in the front/first picture in the character previews are made with this Corona Render scene.

Character in corona scene is without Rig.

Texture Resolution 4096x4096 JPG format


See file:'Robot_Midpoly_FBX2013.FBX'
Contains Midpoly Character exported from 3dmax

See file:'Robot_Lowpoly_FBX2013.FBX'
Contains Lowpoly Character exported from 3dmax

See file 'FBX_files_for_Unreal.rar'
Contains separate fbx files of the character for Unreal 4
Mannequin Skeleton

See file'Robot Unity Project.rar'
In case you want extract FBX files used in Unity 5
Please unpack.Then see folder
Robot Unity Project>Assets>Robot

See file '08_robot_soldier.blend'
'Lowpoly' Character rigged inside Blender.
Please use textures from: 'textures_for_unreal.rar'

Included Marmoset Toolbag Scene with light and materials
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