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Astronauta Rigged Modelo 3D

Licença isenta de direitos
- Usos editoriais permitidos
Usos estendidos podem precisar de folgas
A propriedade intelectual descrita neste modelo , incluindo o marca "nasa", não é afiliada ou endossada pelos detentores dos direitos originais. São permitidas utilizações editoriais deste produto, mas outros usos (como em jogos de computador) podem exigir autorizações legais de proprietários de propriedade intelectual de terceiros. Saiba mais .
Formatos Incluídos
3ds Max 2013 V-Ray 2.30.01

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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:770624
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro desde March 2012
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Classificação do produto
5 Classificações submetidas
Galactic Samurai
May 29, 2017
This is not a video-game ready file. It comes in 22 different .rar''s. This is way too over complicated, not optimized well, but it would look good for cinematic. It should just be a single file with two or three textures so it can be easily used by all pathways.

Notícia legal: A propriedade intelectual descrita neste modelo, incluindo o marca "nasa", não é afiliada ou endossada pelos detentores dos direitos originais.

Before you can use the model. You need to download all the .rar files. When you then unpack the sett, they will create a folder containing all the needed assets and the max file.

The max file is now added as a separate file. So you don't need to download all the .rar files and textures just to get it.

The model is created in 3ds Max 2013
Rigged with CAT 'Base Human' template.
Extra details like patches and pouches are skinned with skinwrap modifier to the rigged mesh.
So its important to know how skinwrap works before starting to modify the model.

As a tip, if something goes wrong, go back to frame zero were the model is in semi T-pose and click reset in the skinwrapmodifier.

Making control objects in CAT is really easy, so we have just added some few basic ones. If you want more all you need to do is right click on the bone 'add gizmo' select a shape and your ready to use that shape to animate on.

The skinning is done with skin modifier, and skinmorph at the joints to preserve volume.

The model is setup with V-ray materials.
Using V-ray Adv 2.30.01.


The model was created using Berconmaps . In order to use this model you will have to install it. The plugin is free for users.

All major pieces is UVW unwrapped and textured in Mari. (No overlapping.)

Minor pieces has a UVW map applied with some tillable generic textures. (Most likely overlaps.)

All maps from mari comes at 8192x8192 resolution
(This is indeed overkill for some of the smaller parts, but gives you a broader control on were you want to lower/downrez your textures later)

We strongly recommend 'enable proxy system'

File -> References -> Asset tracking -> bitmap performance and memory ->enable proxy system

this is because such large textures can take up allot of your resources.

The generic textures comes in different sizes. More details in the texture list below.

The model is polymodeled in 3ds Max and sculpted in Zbrush. That means you can work and animate with a low/med resolution mesh in 3ds Max and get all the details at rendertime.

The displacement maps is exported from Zbrush with these settings:

Adaptive: off
SmoothUV: off
DPSubPix: 4
Flip V: on
Mid: 0
Scale: 1
3 Channels: off
32bit on
Resolution: 8192x8192
32bit exr files

Texture List

Pleas download the txt file on the additional Previews

'the list was to long to post in the description'
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