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C4D Redshift Cyberpunk Hacker Scene Modelo 3D

Cinema 4D 19  |  Redshift 2.6
3D Modelo Especificações
15,556,718 Polígonos
16,374,859 Vértices
Polygonal Geometria
Mapeado por UV
ID do produto: 1521977
7 Produtos
Desde 2012

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Highly detailed Cinema4d Scene, compatibles with Redshift Only to boost up your projects. Includes big amount of shaders, textures and decals, and Scifi models.
Most of the The modeling was done in Moi3d then imported to C4d for extra Sub-d details, 90% of the texturing was procedural and done in redshift shader tree, so it can't be baked in FBX. I pushed the level of details as much i could to stress test Redshift so this is scene was not optimized for game engines, it's meant for Cinematic purposes with high-end Computers. Redshift is mandatory for this scene, the FBX comes without any textures and it was only added for people who don't mind texturing it by themselves in their prefered DCC tool.

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