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Robô Fêmea V3 [Rigged] Modelo 3D

Nov 13, 2018
CheckMate Pro Certificado
Maya 2015  |  mental ray 2015
3ds Max 2015  |  mental ray 2015
Maya 2015  |  V-Ray 3.0
FBX 2013
Outros arquivos
3D Modelo Especificações
217,846 Polígonos
232,822 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
Mapeado por UV
non-overlapping UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 1332327
26 Produtos
Desde 2011

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Please Check the model without rig, Product ID: 1331220

- This model was made using Autodesk Maya 2015, and it is a very high quality model.
- Clean modeling topology is used in the model.
- The geometry consists of more than 99% of Quad-Faces and less than 1% of Tri-Faces.
- Clean geometry, no N-Gons (more than 4 edges per face).
- No problems with geometry, no Zero-Area-Faces, no overlapping vertices.

______________________Groups and Organization________________________________
- All the objects are completely organized in named groups.
- No default names , All objects are named with easy names.

Maya Files (Mental Ray + V-Ray)
- The model has a professional rig for easy animation and posing.
- Two types of control for arms [FK , IK]
- Dynamic Following Switch for Head, Eyes and Arms.
- Full body rigging including the fans.
- Samples (Poses) from the rigging capability are included in the renders above.
- Screen-shots for the rigged model are included above.

Max (Mental Ray) and fbx
- The model is biped (has skeleton + Skin), and it can be used for posing and simple animation.
- Screen-shot for the Biped (Rigged) model is included above.

______________________Textures and UV Maps___________________________________
- This model is completely UV-mapped with no overlapping UVs at all.
- It contains many texture files with easy names.
- For some parts of the model there are two types of textures included in each file:
       -High Level of Wear and Dirt [4 maps].
       -Low Level of wear and Dirt [4 maps].
- Some of the parts contains no textures (but they are UV-mapped).
- Glossiness map for the non-native formats is not included.
- The texture maps for the native format are:

       Body Cover (4 maps):
       - Color map (High/Low level of wear) [PNG][4K]
       - Reflection map [PNG][4K]
       - Glossiness map [PNG][4K]
       - Normal map    [PNG][4K]

       Inside Body Details (8 maps):
       - Color map      [PNG][4K]
       - Reflection map [PNG][4K]
       - Glossiness map [PNG][4K]
       - Normal map    [PNG][4K]

______________________Rendering and Materials___________________________________
Native format [MAYA Mental Ray]:
- This model was rendered using MAYA Mental Ray, and Mental Ray materials are included in the scene.
- IBL environment is included in the scene and the model is ready to render as the signature image.

Non-Native formats [MAYA V-Ray / 3Ds Max Mental Ray]:
- The V-Ray materials like Mental Ray materials are included in the non-native format scenes.
- IBL environment is also included for each format.
- Renders are included above as samples for comparison purposes.

Exchange formats [fbx_Biped / fbx / obj]
- Included with default materials

______________________Real-World Scale______________________________________
- This model has a real world scale Of 179 Cm (from Heel to Head).

______________________Available Formats_____________________________________
- ma/mb 2015 (Mental Ray) [12 maps + 4 (High Wear) maps + HDRI]
- mb 2015 (V-Ray) [9 maps + 4 (High Wear) maps + HDRI]
- max 2015 (Mental Ray) [9 maps + 4 (High Wear) maps + HDRI]
- fbx (Biped) 2013 [9 maps]
- fbx 2013 [9 maps]
- obj [9 maps]

***NOTE: The non-Rigged formats are included in the supporting items.

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