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Athena cruiser Modelo 3D

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Licença isenta de direitos
- Todos os usos estendidos
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Apr 3, 2019
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Lightwave 11.5 Default Scanline 11.5
Lightwave 11.5 Default Scanline 11.5
3D Studio
PSD Texture pack
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3D Modelo Especificações
ID do produto:1392669
Geometria:Polygonal Ngons used
Mapeado por UV:Yes
UVs não enrolados:Mixed
TurboSquid Membro desde December 2007
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Athena class space cruiser (with detailed fighter bay)

Original design and concept by me, never used in any commercial project.
The Athena is an agile strike cruiser/light carrier designed to operate independently and/or provide space and air cover for larger fighting groups. The ship armament consists of 70 weapon turrets (particle-, laser- and railguns, RAM and point defense) and 56 capital missile launchers. The ship has 6 docking hardpoints to carry Freya class raiders (or other 'bomber' like ships), 2 large docking rings for larger dropships or troop carriers, and it's main bay is equipped to handle the Athena's aerospace fighter wings. The ship has two enclosed 100m diameter rotating rings to serve artifical gravity for the crew during longer missions. The built in electromagnetic catapult system is designed to launch fighters and slow down landing ships for docking.

The ship comes with 70 gun emplacements and 5 different type of fully articulated turrets to enable customization. The main fighter bay has two pair of large doors, an extendable EM catapult tube, a crane system to transport fighters from the lower decks to the launch pad, and two industrial robots to arm and prepare fighters before launch. The fighter bay is fully detailed and comes with lighting. Also, the ship has 3 main, 9 auxillary and 6 reverse thrusters.

The model is realscale, 520.5m long, 211.5m wide (with heat exchanger fins) and 129.5m high. The model is fully UV mapped with comprehensive UV layout enabling easy retexturing. The original model was created in Lightwave 3D 11.5 any other formats are exports from Lightwave. Two Lightwave version is offered, one with composite multilayered procedural textures (for easier fine tuning in Lightwave) and one with a simplier 'summarized' UV map system more suitable for gaming. The simplier version has quads and trigons only and served as a basis for further exports. Textures are 8192x8192 or 4096x4096 pixel and they come with a lot of details especially for the exterior paneling. Turrets also come in two version the same manner as the ship. Lightwave scene file is provided with more than 200 lights, placed guns and movement/rotation limiters, prepared for animation. Texture templates are provided as psd files and I've attached a short guide to reproduce materials if needed.

Please note that the Freya class raiders and Dragonfly class aerospace fighters featured in some of the product shots are not part of these models, they are sold separately. (you can find them in my portfolio). Three ASM226 missiles in the fighter bay are provided as gratis.
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