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Pacote de Animais - 18 modelos (16 Rigged) Modelo 3D

3ds Max 2017  |  V-Ray
Maya 2012  |  Maya Software
3D Modelo Especificações
199,089 Polígonos
213,765 Vértices
Subdivision Geometria
Mapeado por UV
Mixed UVs não enrolados
ID do produto: 1203808
186 Produtos
Desde 2007

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18 ANIMALS PACK contents:

IMPORTANT: SEE BELOW IN WHAT FORMATS ARE RIGGING AND ANIMATIONS AVAILABLE! You can also check every single model (more screenshots and full description) searching in turbosquid the following product IDs)

1 ELEPHANT (Rigged and animated) (Product ID: 370968)
1 RHINO (Rigged and animated) (Product ID: 373673)
1 GIRAFFE (Rigged) (Product ID: 515041)
1 CROCODILE (Rigged) (Product ID: 1193543)
1 ZEBRA (Rigged + HAIR) (Product ID: 519307)
1 BLACK HORSE (Rigged) (Product ID: 758159)
1 WHITE HORSE (Rigged) (Product ID: 758178)
1 BROWN HORSE (Rigged) (Product ID: 758168
1 BROWN COW (Rigged) (Product ID: 1176039)
1 BLACK AND WHITE COW (Rigged) (Product ID: 1175921)
1 DONKEY (Rigged) (Product ID: 520174)
1 BULL (Rigged) (Product ID: 1192640)
1 DEER (Rigged) (Product ID: 1194664)
1 GOAT (Rigged) (Product ID: 817874)
1 PIG (Rigged) (Product ID: 1194130)
1 DUCK (Rigged) (Product ID:         1201727)
1 BABY ELEPHANT (Rigged) (Product ID: 512998)
1 BABY RHINO (Rigged) (Product ID: 513086)

Every model is rigged in every format. The file includes the control mesh ready to subdivice with Catmull-Clark subdivisions.

These models have been converted from 3ds max to other formats using some format exporter and convertion tools. Every model has been checked with the appropriate software to check if the animation and rigging runs perfectly.

IMPORTANT: Fully rigged with bones and skin system in 3D Studio Max and Maya. Shaders and IK Handlers ONLY in 3D Studio Max VRAY version. The thumbnail renders are rendered with the VRAY in 3D STUDIO MAX 2017.
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