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Ceglane apartamenty z wnętrzami Model 3D

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Blender 2.7 Blender Render

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3D Model Specyfikacje
ID produktu:959686
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapping:Yes
Nieopakowane UV:Yes, overlapping
TurboSquid Sprzedawca od March 2012
Obecnie sprzedaje 1110 produkty
Ocena produktu
A set of nine fully featured brick apartment buildings complete with interiors.

Modeled for maximum interactivity, all doors are modeled down to the hinges and can be opened at any angle.
Dialog between all interior rooms and floors works flawlessly as well as dialog between the interior and the exterior.

-Mesh objects:
All the models in this pack follows the same namespace and mesh object structure and is as follows:
Designed for your convenience each floor has its own set of mesh objects named as follows:


In addition to these mesh objects are the unique objects which are as follows:


Main previews were rendered using the Blender internal rendering engine, Wireframes taken directly from Blender viewport.

-UV Map:
All models use the same UV layout making it possible to create one universal texture for all 9 models without the need to modify the UV in anyway.
All models have a finished UV map setup that is layered on a per material basis and is ready to be textured.
Pictures of the UV maps can be located in the preview images.

The model is modeled in real world scale down to each individual mesh object to ensure accuracy.

The origin point, rotation and position of all the models are at 0,0,0 with the scale of the model being 1,1,1.

The models is made using Blender.

-Individual product pages:
-If you wish to browse these models individually rather then in a pack you can do so by Searching for my artist name in the main search bar 'Symmetria'.

-Individual model statistics:

Brick building one:
Polygons: 361565
Vertices: 418944
Amount of mesh objects: 19
Size(Width, height, depth): 25.86x13.44x30.85 meter / 84.84x44.09x101.21 feet

Brick building two:
Polygons: 358477
Vertices: 424198
Amount of mesh objects: 23
Size(Width, height, depth): 34.56x15.84x19.76 meter / 119.39x51.97x64.83 feet

Brick building three:
Polygons: 296340
Vertices: 342113
Amount of mesh objects: 19
Size(Width, height, depth): 24.76x13.54x18.51 meter / 81.23x44.42x60.73 feet

Brick building four:
Polygons: 319177
Vertices: 364500
Amount of mesh objects: 18
Size(Width, height, depth): 34.36x12.86x12.46 meter / 112.73x42.19x40.88 feet

Brick building five:
Polygons: 317288
Vertices: 362266
Amount of mesh objects: 24
Size(Width, height, depth): 16.56x14.84x22.56 meter / 54,33x48.69x74.02 feet

Brick building six:
Polygons: 231485
Vertices: 260661
Amount of mesh objects: 18
Size(Width, height, depth): 22.76x12.54x13.96 meter / 74.67x41.14x45.8 feet

Brick building seven:
Polygons: 123238
Vertices: 143596
Amount of mesh objects: 18
Size(Width, height, depth): 10.26x12.54x19.16 meter / 33.66x41.14x62.86 feet

Brick building eight:
Polygons: 229436
Vertices: 267493
Amount of mesh objects: 18
Size(Width, height, depth): 19.86x12.54x19.16 meter / 65.16x41.14x62.86 feet

Brick building nine:
Polygons: 171034
Vertices: 196525
Amount of mesh objects: 19
Size(Width, height, depth): 16.11x13.54x18.51 meter / 52.85x44.42x60.73 feet

Thank you for your consideration.
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