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Zegar ścienny regulatora Model 3D

Lightwave 9.5 or bet
3D Model Specyfikacje
1,745 Wielokąty
7,622 Wierzchołki
Subdivision Geometria
ID produktu: 590045
55 Produkty
Od 2001

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This moderately-detailed Regulator Wall Clock can help fill the walls of any 3D room. Clock hands and Pendulum are individually animatable. Replace the woodgrain image map with one of your own and texture mapping directions will remain correct. Built as a combination of polygons and Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces.

The solid renders shown here are using level 2 subdivision and the wireframe examples are at level 0. Rigged scene file for Lightwave 9.6 or better is included.

* This asset created with fully licensed software *

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