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Choinka GameReady LOD Model 3D

przez Gerhald3D
Dec 10, 2020
CheckMate Pro Atestowany
Certyfikat StemCell
Blender 2.90  |  EEVEE Renderer
Cinema 4D R18  |  Advanced Render
Cinema 4D R18  |  Arnold
Unity 5.4
Unreal 4.10
3ds Max 2018  |  Arnold
3ds Max 2015  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2015  |  V-Ray 3.2
Maya 2017  |  Arnold
Maya 2015  |  V-Ray 3.2
3D Studio
FBX Metallic v
FBX Specular v
glTF 2.0
Inne pliki
3D Model Specyfikacje
28,697 Wielokąty
63,836 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 1660036
309 Produkty
Od 2016

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Hello, my dear Customer!

I am happy to present you Christmas Pack GameReady 3d model.

Ready for game-development, render and animation.

That model will definitely save your time just a lot!

- Units used: Meters

- Native file format: Blender 2.90

------------------------------ USAGE:------------------------------------

- This model is suitable for use in PC/mobile game-development, VR/AR applications, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.

----------------------------- PIPELINE:----------------------------------

- Lowpoly and Highpoly models made in Blender 2.90

- UV mapped in Blender 2.90

- Baked in Marmoset Toolbag 3

- Textured in Substance Painter

- Rendered in Cycles + Marmoset Toolbag 3

--------------------------- TOPOLOGY/LODs: --------------------------------

Christmas Collection 3d model consist of 15 objects with LODs:

- LOD0: 57.080 tris

- LOD1: 31.624 tris

- LOD2: 17.796 tris

- LOD3: 8.018 tris

Only Quads and Tris topology used.

--------------------------- MATERIALS: --------------------------------

Model use 3 materials total:

- Christmas_Tree

- Christmas_Presents

- Christmas_Rug

Blender 2.90 version use Cycles materials type (Principled shader).

------------------------ TEXTURES and UV:-------------------------

- Model is completely UV-unwrapped. You can see all the textures and UV maps on the preview images.

- Partially Overlapping method was used to increase texel density.

- Both Metallic/Rough and Specular/Gloss PBR workflows are available.


- Christmas_Tree: 4511px/m (2K textures)

- Christmas_Presents: 4614px/m (2K textures)

- Christmas_Rug: 1543px/m (2K textures)


- Base_Color.png (2048x2048px) - met/rough

- Metallic.png (2048x2048px) - met/rough

- Roughness.png (2048x2048px) - met/rough

- Diffuse.png (2048x2048px) - spec/glos

- Specular.png (2048x2048px) - spec/glos

- Glossiness.png (2048x2048px) - spec/glos

- Normal.png (2048x2048px)

- Height.png (2048x2048px)

- AO.png (2048x2048px)

- Opacity.png (2048x2048px)

- Emission.png (2048x2048px)

TOTAL: 34 textures in archive

-------------------------- DESCRIPTION:------------------------------

- Model is fully textured with all materials applied (Converted formats as well, take a look at preview images)

- LODs are included

- LowPoly model, that is perfect for game-development

- No Ngons used, just Quads and Tris

- Clear topology with no any artefacts, holes, overlapping polygons and so on

- All materials and textures are intelligently named

- PBR materials, as you can see on the preview

- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering

- No special plugin needed to open scene

- Real world scale 1:1

- Units of measurement are meters

-------------------------------- NOTES:----------------------------------

- The 'other' format on product page is .MTL format for .obj model.

Click on 'Gerhald3D' to the right side of the screen to see our other models.

You will like it!


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