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Butelki z lekiem Model 3D

Lightwave 9.5+
3D Model Specyfikacje
39,425 Wielokąty
48,295 Wierzchołki
Subdivision Geometria
Unknown Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 485144
55 Produkty
Od 2001

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This collection of 6 high detail prescription bottles and medications will help round out any medical environment. Included are bottles and pill models for Plavix, Lovastatin, Lisinopril, Atenolol, Cyclobenzaprine and Bupropion. Bottle labels can be easily modified in any paint program and pills conatin accurate markings and details. All items are in real-world scale.

Created with and for Lightwave 9.5 or better using polygonal and subdivision surfaces. Solid renders are shown at subdivision level of 1 and wire renders (and point/poly count) are at level 0.

* This asset created with fully licensed software *

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