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Kolekcja drzwi wewnętrznych Model 3D

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- Wszystkie rozszerzone zastosowania
Licencja bezpłatna
- Wszystkie rozszerzone zastosowania
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3ds Max 2009
AutoCAD drawing 2007
3D Studio

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3D Model Specyfikacje
ID produktu:518864
UV Mapping:Yes
Nieopakowane UV:Unknown
TurboSquid Sprzedawca od January 2006
Obecnie sprzedaje 468 produkty
Ocena produktu
Interior door collection
       General Description:
37 Panels + 50 Textures + 10 Handles + 8 Frames + 9 Sashes
Product Specifications:
All objects are exported in 3ds, fbx,dgw and obj
You can choose from 37 different panels with low poly count (between 100 and 800), 50 HQ textures (1600 x 700 p) and 10 different handles to create your desired door.
If you want to add some complexity to the door make sure you add a frame and/or sashes.
-The handles are all collapsed and linked to the door. They have between 2650 and 8200 polygons (depending on their complexity)
-The default frame has a depth of 150 mm but can be easily changed if necesary.
-The door has the pivot well placed and it's ready to use for animations.
-The frame and the door have UV's coordinates applied to them so you can easily switch between textures.
-The overall dimension of a door is :         2165x1030x150         mm - with panles
                                                                        2125x950x140        mm - without panels
                                                                        2115x930x40        mm - the door alone
The panel scene contains materials made for V-Ray and Scanline or you can build your own material using the textures.
If you plan to use several doors in one scene make sure that you check Auto-Rename and Use Scene Materials
          How to create your custom door:
Select the desired panel to work with (this wil contain the panel, the main frame and a default handle). Merge it with your current scene and make sure that you choose Use Object Material.
If you want to change the door handle, delete the current one and select another handle and merge it into your scene (it will automaticaly be linked to

the door).
To add a sash or a frame just select one and again merge it into your scene.
You can obtain more than 100 diferrent doors like this.
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