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Siły powietrzne USA F-35 A Lightning II CTOL (Test Model 3D

3ds Max 9 scanline  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 9 vray  |  V-Ray 1.5
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Od 2004

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About this model: This is a F-35 AA-1 (F-35A) Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) model, the F-35A IS the fighter that will enter massive production and be delivered to the US Air Force. It is NOT the X-35 or early concept/prototype models. We have been working on this model since last year. After dozens of major revisions, this model is finally available to the public. It is modeled in 3dsMAX 9 based on thousands of photos taken during the 19 F35A test flights and ground demos, and it has been built to meet the photo real standard in order to be utilized in various high-end applications. All thumbnail renders are not processed with photoshop and is rendered by 3dsMAX 9 with Vray.

About F-35 Program: The F-35 Lightning II program is on track to begin deliveries to the armed services in 2010. The first F-35A, a conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant, completed 19 test flights to date (July 2007).

Main products include 2 files:
1. max 9 (with vray setting). This is the original file and requires Vray 1.5 plugin (advanced render engine from Chaos Group). It's used to make all the thumbnails.
2. max 9 (with scanline setting). It utilizes 3dsMax's default render engine and does not require any plug-ins.

Texture Info: Main textures are 7500 X 7500 sized.

Please notice the model comes with detailed cockpit, and the pilot (JHMCS helmet) IS included.


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