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Concept Revolver RVC718 Calibre 357 Magnum Model 3D

przez 3d craft
Licencja na model 3D: Standard    Licencja na aktualizację
Aug 1, 2018
CheckMate Pro Atestowany
Cinema 4D 19  |  Advanced Render
3D Studio
Collada 1,4
FBX 6(2010)
3D Model Specyfikacje
25,907 Wielokąty
25,921 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
UV Mapping
non-overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 1311329
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Od 2016

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24/7 czat na żywo
3d model concept revolver caliber 357 magnum. Design of the author.

Created in Cinema 4D R19 and shown with Advanced Render.
Native The file is equally correctly opened in 19 and in the 18 version of Cinema 4D
Modeled for subdivision - only quads polygons.
Model is built to real-world scale. Used C4D scene units: centimeters. The size: Length 27 cm, Height 12 cm, Width 3.4 cm.
3d model consists of 33 objects.

polygons: 25907
points:   25921
Subdivision Surface Level 1:
polygons: 129535
points:   139563
Subdivision Surface Level 2:
polygons: 440419
points: 440447

The scene has 4 materials, 20 texture resolution (4096x4096) in format JPEG (.jpg)., Included HDRI map.

Other formats exported as base mesh:
FBX (6(2010))

In 3DS format model converted to polygons at subdivision level 1. Triangulated. Names are shortened.
To other multi formats, you need to apply the subdivision modifier after importing it into your 3d editor.
And in all cases, to obtain an image of a shiny metal, the scene must have a source of environment HDRI map.
For correct display of textures, Subdivision Surface needs to be switched to Boundary or Edge mode.

Abbreviations of names of textures:
Color - Color, Color reflection
Difus - Diffusion, Color
Refl - Reflection, Color reflection
Roug - Roughness
Bump - Bump, Displacement
Norm - Normal
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