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Przeciętny człowiek Model 3D

przez tucho
3ds Max 2010  |  Default Scanline 2010
FBX 2009
3D Model Specyfikacje
2,392 Wielokąty
1,216 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
Mixed Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 808900
84 Produkty
Od 2005

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24/7 czat na żywo
Lowpoly model (2392 tris), which makes them suitable for mobile devices, but at the same time detailed enough to be used also on PC and console projects -or even on a render project if it don't need a close up of the characters.

This model has 2 materials, one for the skin and another for clothing. Each material will have diffuse, normal and specular textures.

Provided textures are 1024x1024 for body and 512x1024 for head, but they should work fine at half or even at a quarter of the original size, if the characters are not shown too close to the camera.

This character also include 3 color variation textures for clothing and 2 interchangeable heads: White and Black (see the pictures).

The model is rigged with Character Studio, so you can animate it using any BIP mocap file (it includes a walk cycle animation).
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