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przez x3mer
Cinema 4D 11  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray
3D Studio
3D Model Specyfikacje
3,000 Wielokąty
2,900 Wierzchołki
Subdivision Geometria
UV Mapping
non-overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 593405
114 Produkty
Od 2005

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24/7 czat na żywo
Collection of high quality cartoon 3D models of various animals.
You can buy each of these animals individually (check out the links below), but this collection has -70% discount !
All models has basic rig (in 3DStudio MAX 2009). Meshes are clean, suitable for subdivision.
Clean map unwrapping with no overlapping. Texture well organized, easy to manipulate, change color or anything else.
Base models has around 3000 polygons (check details below for each animal) and turbosmooth is applied, so it can be increased up to infinity.
Preview renders are made with 10k-20k polygons version.
Both low (base) and high polygon versions are included for each animal.
Preview renders are from scenes made with V-Ray, which are also included (so it is all completely render-ready as you see it) and there are also no-vray scenes included.
All textures and HDR maps included.

You can see more details or buy animals individually at these TS links:
Cat (35usd) TurboSquid ID: 588847
Chicken (50usd) TurboSquid ID: 590347
Cow (50usd) TurboSquid ID: 588702
Dog (45usd) TurboSquid ID: 589337
Duck (50usd) TurboSquid ID: 589984
Elephant (50usd) TurboSquid ID: 588863
Giraffe (45usd) TurboSquid ID: 588801
Hippo (50usd) TurboSquid ID: 592351
Leopard (50usd) ) TurboSquid ID: 590752
Lion (50usd) TurboSquid ID: 593310
Mouse (40usd) TurboSquid ID: 591985
Parrot (45) TurboSquid ID: 590175
Penguin (40) TurboSquid ID: 591709
Pigeon (45) TurboSquid ID: 590373
Puma (50) TurboSquid ID: 592369
Rhino (50) TurboSquid ID: 592263
Sheep (45) TurboSquid ID: 590820
Squirrel (50) TurboSquid ID: 593328
Tiger (40) TurboSquid ID: 590774
Turkey (50) TurboSquid ID: 589348

You can also get these animals with even bigger discount!
$12 per animal as a part of the 40 Rigged Animals Collection at
TurboSquid ID: 938372

You can also check out:
'Six cartoon birds' collection (140usd): 591806

Have fun!
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