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Arabskie Miasto-Elementy Kolekcja MEGA 2 Model 3D

przez 3D_Garden
3ds Max 7
Cinema 4D 9.5
Lightwave 6.5
Maya 7
3D Studio
3D Model Specyfikacje
1 Wielokąty
1 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
Mixed Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 833225
696 Produkty
Od 2004

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24/7 czat na żywo
- Arab Elements MEGA Collection 2 -,Low Poly model collection for game and real time engines. (Game-Ready)

17 different, middle East&Arab city element collections(with environments)as MEGA pack. ( 2 )

1-Arab Highway Set01   Product ID: 449330
2-MIDDLE EAST Town Block Product ID: 476738
3-Arab_Afghani Cart & Casual Product ID: 594181
4-Arab_Afghani casual 02 Product ID: 597106
5-Arab_Afghani casual 03 Product ID: 598990
6-Arab_Afghani casual 04 Product ID: 600129
7-Arab Mud Walls Collection Product ID: 659581
8-Afghanistan Tree Pack Product ID: 657710
9-Arab & Afghan Mosque 1 Product ID: 697534
10-Arab & Afghan Mosque 2 Product ID: 697576
11-Arab street element TAXI 03 Product ID: 617505
12-Arab street element TAXI 02 Product ID: 617057
13-Arab street element AMBULANCE Product ID:425137
14-Arab street element FIRE RESCUE Product ID: 431066
15-Mud walled houses   Product ID: 687988
16-Arab city-Family sedan 02 Product ID: 616729
17-Derelict Car 02   Product ID: 686172

Arab house polygon counts about: 500 to 900
Car polygon counts about: 1500 to 2500
Tree polygon counts between 1700-4000

Each model has own 2048x2048 diffuse textures.
Remaining models have: 1024x1024 texture maps.

Texture maps:
2048x2048 for Tree body and branch(Plus normal map textures in same size)
Leaves 512x1024 (Tga - Alpha channel - and also as opacity map,jpg mod.)

Tree models contains normal map materials.Normal maps for multi formats (3ds,Obj,Maya,C4D),must be re-sign on material browser.

Casual models rigged (biped and skin) only 3ds Max format.Other formats (3ds,c4d,obj,Maya...) comes in 'T-Pose' for rigging.

The included models of this set can also be purchased separately. Click on the member name at the top of the page to see all available models / products.

Many other models available in this series; Arab region architecture and elements like: Houses,rebels,US soldiers,US military vehicles.
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