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Abadoned House 01 - Wprowadź Model 3D

przez GamePoly
Licencja na model 3D: Standard    Licencja na aktualizację
3ds Max 2013  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2010  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2011  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2012  |  Default Scanline
3D Studio
3D Model Specyfikacje
3,012 Wielokąty
4,410 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Geometria
UV Mapping
overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 968584
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Od 2013

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Abandoned House 01 Enterable

Abandoned House, i put really hard work and effort in making this look really amazing,
with much detail to it, and yet keeping it low poly and absolutely game ready.

The house is inspired to be used in open world games, and NOTE that it is enterable.
Its also perfect for decoration on the vast landscape,
if you do not need the interior, you can delete that as it is seperated, and remove window transparency.

Every Window glass is seperated, so it can be shot out in a game if needed.
and, so is the planks on the fence at the front door.

The door is also seperated so it can be scripted to open or closed, etc.

Much details to the mesh, so as curved wood planks, and roof, and texture looks abandoned, and dirty.

Unwrapped, and UV Textured using Photoshop.

I Created 3 Variations of colours of the base wood texture, as seen in the screenshot.

House - 4096x4096 Diffuse Map
Interior - 4096x4096 Diffuse Map
Windows - 512x512 Diffuse Map
Door - 2048x2048 Diffuse Map

TGA / JPG / PNG Texture formats.

The texture resolution can be lowered if you need to.

3012 Polys
4410 Verts
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