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Zombie Kobieta Model 3D

3ds Max 2013  |  Default Scanline
FBX 2013
Other Textures
3D Model Specyfikacje
26,500 Wielokąty
14,000 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
Mixed Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 831296

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24/7 czat na żywo
The model has wide range of mesh resolutions (5 LODs)

this means it can be used for close up rendering and games(see also screenshots)

26474 tris (handmade)
18104 tris (script)
12623tris (script)
8600 tris (script)
1428 tris (script)

Package includes 3ds max 2013 scene with skinned Model + separate exported model in FBX format. So it can be importet in most 3d applications.

High detailed Textures 4096x4096 (Color, normal, Spec, AO) in TGA FORMAT

RIG are done with biped / skin . All 5 lods are skinned

Rendered using Marmoset Toolbag


during the render preview process i used the additinonal hair mesh.

In this case the are two hair modeles inside package.

One is implemented on the character texture (see 360 loop) and has a little smaller resolution .this option is usefull if you game engine has limited shader perfomance etc..

The addition Hair mesh has a big extra texture for good detail on hair , so you can use it if you have no performance issues.

Both hairs are included )
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