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Chiński Teatr 08 Hollywood Model 3D

przez 3dpiefx
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Czat na żywo Teraz 24/7
3D Model Specyfikacje
ID produktu:403690
UV Mapping:Unknown
Nieopakowane UV:Unknown
TurboSquid Sprzedawca od December 2007
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Chinese Theater 08 Hollywood
3d max 9 poly models 05/12/08

1 Chinese Theater 08 Hollywood


1 Chinese Theater vintage Hollywood
with fixtures, props and plant models,
75 texture maps, materials, stage, lights and camera.

The outer and inner doors are hinged and linked to the entrance they are animated to open and close as needed.
Take notice of the preview images.
The movie posters can also easily be change for your own scenario.
More props are also available on my Turbo Squid market page to add even more variety and model setups. Check it out.

There were over 300 individual pieces of art researched, collected, and manipulated ultimately for this model.
Each of the hand and footprints had to be researched, some were only a piece found here or there that had to then be manipulated in shape, size and color. All had to be reworked to work in this piece no matter how good or bad they may be.
Then each one was completely hand traced to be used as a bump map. This part was what took the longest time and being the most trying turned into the most interesting in as far as the facts and information acquired in doing so. The close-up study of the signatures and prints along with the words were at times a pleasant surprise.
There are well over 200 man hours in the modeling, art and photo collection and creation for this model.
I wish this labor of love may benefit someone else as well.
It was a great history experience in just the researching all that was needed to bring this model together.
If you need it believe me the work and investment of this purchase will pay off greatly in just the time factor.

verts 151807
faces 113436

objects 104

Thank you for your purchase.

movie theater Chinese cinema show sign architecture film dvd tv television neon stage popcorn candy room town city road side drive inn offices lights vintage footprints cement night billboard vacation auto car people stage popcorn candy

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