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bohaterka komiksu v1 Model 3D

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3D Studio 1

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3D Model Specyfikacje
ID produktu:337999
UV Mapping:Unknown
Nieopakowane UV:Unknown
TurboSquid Sprzedawca od March 2002
Obecnie sprzedaje 5 produkty
Ocena produktu
Comic Biker Heroine v.1 base model package is not intended to resemble a realistic female model. Originally modeled with Modo and Lightwave, then converted and exported to the common 3DS format via Polytrans. In this package you will find a total of 4 static meshes. Two clothed and two nude. The lowest polygon count is 3965, whilest the highest is 4279, due to the addition of toes and toenails on the nude model. These 4 models are variations of one model. I encourage you to modify them. The meshes are easy on the eyes, with the added colors, so you can cut, paste, weld, and swap body parts around… or simply change the colors. LEGAL STUFF: This model is provided as-is. I assume no responsibility for the loss of files, system data, or what your pet did on the rug, while working with these models. Renderings of these models can be used freely for personal and commercial projects, such as games, animations, and images. I don’t care how the models are used. Don’t steal or resell my work. This applies also to any modified version of my work. I would appreciate any credit, requests, or referrals. I'll keep costs reasonable. More to come.
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