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Superyacht Pelorus Model 3D

przez ACE_POLY
Licencja bezpłatna
- Wszystkie rozszerzone zastosowania
Licencja bezpłatna
- Wszystkie rozszerzone zastosowania
Zawarte formaty
Cinema 4D
3ds Max 8
map files for the model

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3D Model Specyfikacje
ID produktu:366925
UV Mapping:Yes
Nieopakowane UV:Unknown
TurboSquid Sprzedawca od March 2003
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Jan 29, 2008
I would like to thank you for your response and very glad the beautiful model you have created is working. Well worth it. Thanks again Hope the review can change my 3 to a 5 !!!
Update 2008/04/09
Ship facts: Poly Count: 140025 Triangle Count: 288194
Vertex Count(before split of smoothing group): 151605
Vertex Count(after split of smoothing group) :168647

These numbers don't count the decoration chairs on the deck

The model looks very much like the real ship (Google it if you don't believe).
Material and Rendering:

Preview pictures are rendered by Vray in 3dsmax But the model is devrayed to make it compatible with most 3d applications. We have properly named the materials. So for visual enhancing materials like GLASS,CHROME,POOLWATER. You should replace them with materials of your own liking in your favorite 3d application. I also recommend adding some falloff reflection to most materials.

There is no multi_material used in the model for better compatibility with all 3d application.

Seawater(just a big plane) and HDRI cloud used in the renders are not included in the package

Naming & SmoothingGroup:
models are all properly named. By combining with 'select by material' you can select any parts quickly in any 3d application.
All objects are edge-splitted based on smoothing group assignment. So even if some applications don't treat smoothinggroup nicely can handle this model. Of course this will increase the vertex count but you can weld it back if you like.
Contact support should you have questions. We will try to address your concerns as promptly as possible.
2008/02/02 update: The original file has Vray material(I forgot to change it back as I normally do). So I just uploaded the Max8NoVray version of pelorus. Go to ACCOMPANYING PRODUCT FILES section to download if anyone need.

There are two 'collection product' containing this model that are selling at huge discount. Check them out.
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