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AAA HeroHead wNormalMap OBJfiles Model 3D

przez AAAPoly
Licencja na model 3D: Standard    Licencja na aktualizację
3D Model Specyfikacje
3,560 Wielokąty
0 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Geometria
Unknown Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 358348
13 Produkty
Od 2002

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24/7 czat na żywo
This is best used for video game characters, as it is a low polygon count head that uses a normal map to fake a high polygon count head.

This is a great base model having clean geometry with easy to work with quad polygons, this head can be easy made into a creation of your choice.

This head is also designed to work with facial animation as the flow of edges conform to the folds and peaks of the face.

Model has mapping coordanates so it's easy for you to apply your own texture map.

Low poly model also works with meshsmooth, as it has mostly quad polygons.

Add this to your 3d library and use it to save time on your next character project.

The Hero Head is loosely based from the actor Nathan Fillion (who played the lead in Serenity). This product includes a Max9 low poly head (3560 triangles including neck) with normal map gererated from a high rez head (96,000 triangles). The normal map is 2048 by 2048 pixels. High rez head model is included.

If you don't use Max9 there are two .obj files. One file has the low rez model with mapping coordinates. The second file has the hi rez model.

The grey renders above show the normal maps on the low rez model.

You still want more? This model is included in a 3d model collection that offers a incredible savings. Just click AAAPoly's name link above and look for item Collection 2001-2007.

*please note the color render with the tile background was made with Next Limits, Maxwell renderer, and that file isn't included . It's just a simple shader using the low poly head and the normal map included with this model.

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