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Lew skrzydlaty Model 3D

przez Ricmage
3ds Max 2017  |  V-Ray 3.40.03
3ds Max 2017  |  V-Ray 3.40.03
3ds Max 2014  |  V-Ray 3.40.03
Textures used to Winged Lion
Proxys and Textures Needed to Savana Scene Animati
3D Model Specyfikacje
99,999 Wielokąty
99,999 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
Mixed Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 1266038
42 Produkty
Od 2009

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24/7 czat na żywo
A Fantasy Winged Lion,

- RIGGED /Body,Face and Wings;
(far from perfect but with a lot of possibilities)


- WITHOUT other Plugins or Scripts,
(only V-Ray and 3dmax used)

- WINGS: Ease to Color, Detachable and SCALEABLE,
To detach, delete her and use the model like a 'normal ' Lion, Or Ajust and use the Wings with any other model.
Easy To Detach, Scale, Rotate or Move, just use the Helper Parent ' DLControlWingControlMain '

- Two versions('Color' and 'Black') of the same Lion

Frames of Animations(Cycles):

Walk : 20-64 (to cycle render just until 63)
Run : 70-98 (to cycle render just until 97)
Fly : 110-145 (to cycle render just until 144)

- Entire SAVANA Scene, animation, particles, objects, proxys.. Included;

Other Notes:

If you will Animate, one Tip,.. Hide all Furs, including the mustache,.. will let the viewport more light.

Try Local Scale, and Local Rotate, on fingers Hepers controlers, to got fingers Opening.

The controllers are named with 'DLControl' in prefix,
so you can select they all by this prefix in search.

The Wind_Wave modifier of Furs are animated for cycle intervals of each cycle animation, so if will use these winds in other animations, is good you adjust they to your animation orr turn off.

The Bend of Feathers are controlled only selecting one of the feathers and changing or animating your Bend modifier, the others feathers bend of this side wing will follow this.

The TIFs texture,I put include just case you want edit some more easy;

The Proxys and Savana Textures you need download Only if you will use SavanaAnim scene

Some images showed here was post edited, like used overlay blend duplicate image, with out saturation and a little bit level and transparence ajusts.

Case 3dmax crash at first frame render Savana scene , try go frame by frame with timeslide near of the first frame to render seted in render setup, in timeslide until your first frame from where you want start to render, and put to render the frame sequence from there(with your timeslide in the first frame to render).

And if you wont render the animation, just one frame, try turn off 'winds' modifiers of and 'volume selects' to 'winds' in furs, and turn off also 'Flex' modifier and the volume select to him, in Mesh of Lion.

If your v-ray is from another version,
and you are giving render error, try Turning Off or adjusting the Motion Blur on the settings of the Vray /camera

The versions 3ds Max 2014 have not been tested in 3ds max 2014, just saved to 3ds max 2014 from 3ds max 2017.
Apologies by my English!

Hope you Enjoy!
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