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Kolekcja krajobrazu terenu Model 3D

przez 3dmKits
3ds Max 9  |  Default Scanline
3D Studio
3D Model Specyfikacje
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Polygonal Geometria
UV Mapping
Mixed Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 606328
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Od 2004

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Collection contains 4 complete scenes of landscapes:

1 - river in Arizona,
2 - desert with mountains,
3 - road on desert with mountains,
4 - mountains landscape fantasy style,

These scenes are for professionals who need high quality complex solution, not simple landscape for long distance shots.Objects arranged on layers. Textures, materials and objects clearly named (english).
1 - River in Arizona

In this case entire scene is build by many detailed models of mountains, rocks and terrains. Each model textured by several hi-res textures in dimensionals like:

- 4500x2500px
- 5400x1728px
- 6000x6000px

and so on.
Scene comes in two versions - for Vray and Mental Ray. MentalRay version have animated water shader.
2 - Desert with mountains

Realistic and complex scene of desert terrain, Arizona, Utah style. Hand made models, not one part object scene. Because of modeling mesh is pretty light. Hi-res textures (4500x3071px etc.) based on real photos.
It is easy to rearrange scene by simple copy and move objects. Very handy in use.
Two versions also - for Vray and Mental Ray
3 - Road on desert with mountains

The spread scene of asphalt road passing by desert and detailed mountains. Can be looped by copy of terrain - please check thumbnails. There are simply models of plants scattered along road, very light, no proxy was needed.
Textures are in big resolution - from 800x400px (plants) up to 8192x8192px for desert model (terrain is coverred by 4 textures). However, there are also very low resolution copys for better work on slower machines.Model of Chrysler 300C included as bonus.
4 - Mountains landscape fantasy style

Simple scene. One mountain model copied several times in scene. All is setup and include - model, textures, materials, lights, special effects, backgrounds etc. Exported versions - only mountain model.
Like all our landscape scenes these are complete environments, handy and ready to render with any camera angle or using in animations as well.

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