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Eyeball (20 kolorów) Rendering W czasie rzeczywist Model 3D

Licencja bezpłatna
- Wszystkie rozszerzone zastosowania
Zawarte formaty
Maya 8.5 Maya Hardware
Maya 2014 Maya Hardware
3ds Max 2011
3ds Max 2012
3ds Max 2014
FBX 2014
Other TGA

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3D Model Specyfikacje
ID produktu:906207
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapping:Yes
Nieopakowane UV:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Sprzedawca od February 2008
Obecnie sprzedaje 81 produkty
Ocena produktu
Realistic 3D model of Human Eye, with 20 sets of eye colors on 4k textures. Best to create 3D Characters and 3D people, using in real-time video games and any visualization (rendering).
All meshes built for animation. The low poly model can be smoothed or subdivided. (You may see subdive model on the Thumbnails and on Turntables above)
Originally created with Maya 8.5 (file format .mb )

:::::::: SPECS & TEXTURES ::::::::

This product include:
Mesh: 408 Tris, 218 verts.
The scene includes 20 sets of eye colors, tens of separate shaders and textures.
Color maps: 4096x4096 pix,
Normal maps: 4096x4096 and 2048x2048 pix,
Specular is white (procedural),
Opacity is (procedural).
Standard shaders (blin in Maya, Phong in fbx), few sets of lights and cube maps that you may see on Thumbnails and on Turntables.
Textures in TGA format. Archived separately from geometry.

:::::::: PRESENTATION IMAGES ::::::::

Thumbnails and Turntable did in Maya viewport with Hardware rendering, especially to show this model in real-time renderings, like in engines of video games. No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed.

:::::::: GENERAL ::::::::

The model is built to real-world scale.
Units used: Centimeters.
Scene objects are organized by layers/Groups.
All objects individually named and in appropriate layers.
FBX file after export may need to adjust shaders a bit.

:::::::: ADDITIONAL NOTES ::::::::

The main eye is in the center of world coordinates. You'll find lowpoly and adapted version for subdiv \ smooth in layers.
Also, the scene includes (in the layer) 2 Eyes on the head's place (around 170 cm higher of the main eye).

You may see how these eyes look inside 3d character's head. For this please check our products ID: 786315, 786409, 786319.
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