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Żołnierz Model 3D

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3ds Max 2015  |  Default Scanline 2015
ZBrush zbrush 4R7
3ds Max 2012  |  Default Scanline 2012
3ds Max 2012  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2015  |  Default Scanline
Blender 2.82  |  Cycles Render 2.82
Other doc
FBX 2014
Other tbscene
Other textures
Other marmoset
Other info
textures for unreal
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Soldier Unity Project.rar
3D Model Specyfikacje
16,943 Wielokąty
8,980 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
non-overlapping Nieopakowane UV
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Od 2014

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This is Qualitative 3d model of special Black Beret Unit that can be used in Animation/Films/Games.

Character comes in Midpoly and Lowpoly Resolution
Lowpoly Character exported to Unity and Unreal Engine.

-----------------------Blender Package---------------------------------

- Lowpoly Character rigged in Blender 2.82
- Scene Included

-----------------------UNREAL Engine----------------------------------

- Epic Mannequin Rig
- Can play mannequin animations
- See Unreal Video Preview video
- Character size equal to Epic mannequin
- Materials and textures already assigned
- migrate.rar files included. put files from migrate.rar folder inside your 'content' mainfolder in unreal to import character

-----------------------UNITY Engine------------------------------------

Soldier Unity Project contains:
- Scene with HDR setup
- imported Character in FBX Format ( only low poly version)
- Calibrated Textures for Unity PBR Standard material -
- Metallness-Smoothness Workflow
- Material with applied textures
- Rig prepared for Unity to work with Humanoid and Generic Animation Systems
- 3dsmax 2016 file with configured biped for export to Unity

Unzip 'Soldier Unity Project.rar'
Start Unity>open project.
Choose the unzipped folder. Unity opens the project with a character.

---------------------------3dsmax Lowpoly-----------------------------

LOWPOLY (GAME Resolution)
This Resolution is preferably for using Ingame

Tris: 16.942
Vertices: 8900

Rigged with Native Biped&Skin
Combined Mesh and Unique UV

Textures in TGA format
4 unique high resolutions textures in 4096x 4096 px size

-------------------------3dsmax Midpoly---------------------------------

MIDPOLY (Design Resolution)

Tris: ca 400000
Vertices: ca 206000

Textures in TGA format
12 separate high resolutions textures in 2048x2048 px size

Not Rigged

Midpoly Character has multiple attachments , like detachable bagpacks,gloves etc... that can be removed or replaced if wished. If you create games where you character can be equipped or
you can use this attachments in your game story.

I also added highrez ZTL model if you need it for some reasons..

Weapons: Additinal RPG, Pumpgun, Knife included!!


Character was rendered in Marmoset Toolbag with new
Metalness/Glos Workflow that actually become the industry standard.

Textures supports PBR (Physical Based Rendering Shaders)

Marmoset Toolbag 2 scene Included!


If you need/use Diffuse/Specular/Gloss Texture workflow you can easy and fast convert them in Photoshop using Documentation inside this package.

Textures in TGA format
12 separate high resolutions textures in 2048 px size

Black Beret comes in A-Pose and can handle handmade and motion capture animation in BIP format.

If you like you can click on my name to see all my characters.
Package Description:

Blender 2.82 Scene

Unreal Project zipped

Other marmoset (See Notes)         41 MB:

Other textures (See Notes) 295 MB:

Other doc (See Notes) 101 KB :

ZBrush zbrush 4R7 (.ztl)         535 MB:

Other weapons (See Note
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