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Wasteland 2 - Male Gippers Model 3D

Unity 5.0
FBX 2015
3D Model Specyfikacje
11,874 Wielokąty
8,508 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
non-overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 1114395
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Od 2016

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Male Gippers - Wasteland 2

These are the models of the 'Gippers' faction from Wasteland 2! The faction didnt quite make it into the shipped game, but the models themselves were used extensively to flesh out the Rangers and NPCs seen throughout the wasteland.
This model pack features toggle-able mix and match clothing separates (hair, heads, packs, pants, and tops) and fully modeled bodies, all at a polycount low enough for any realtime, VR, or high end mobile project. Included is a Unity package with all resources properly set up to give you a head start! (Compatible with Unity 5.0 and up)

These models are not intended for subdivision.

The models are scaled to real world, and the file size is in cm. Head to toe is 186cm.

Triangle and vertex counts reflect a single character with one of each clothing set (set A). Triangle counts for specific combinations may be higher or lower, but will fall into the same number range.

The file includes the Marmoset Toolbag file that was used to generate all of the (non Unity) thumbnails.


This pack is compatible with other Wasteland 2 asset packs - specifically the human male animations.

The meshes are tied to the Unity 5 'Legacy' rig.


This clothing and body pack includes interchangeable themed assets consisting of:
--4 Hairstyles (Hats)
--3 Heads (glasses/masks/faces)
--3 Torsos
--2 Legs
In all, there are 180 potential clothing combinations.

FBX files have been generated using each subgroup selection, so gippers_male_A uses hair_A, head_A, Torso_A, and legs_A, and so forth. There is also a gippers_male_combined.fbx that has all clothing and head options in a single file as separate submeshes.

Unity package file directory:

Unity file also includes the scene used for the thumbnails.


All primary textures are 1024x1024 spec/gloss pre-packed for Unity 5's standard shader with AO and normal maps.

In all, there are 47 textures included for 12 unique materials.

This model was remastered using TurboSquid model Military Male US Soldier by CG ARTStudio as a base mesh. TS Product ID: 837237
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