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Silnik IC 2 Model 3D

3D Model Specyfikacje
100,000 Wielokąty
100,000 Wierzchołki
Unknown Geometria
Unknown Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 727584
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Od 2013

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3D model of the AT internal combustion motor 2. 2 setups are shown. In both cases, the IC motor used is a quasiturbine. An oil jacket is used instead of cooling fins to discard heat. The heated oil is routed to a Beta-Stirling engine which converts the thermal energy to mechanical energy, improving the efficiency of the engine by 40%.

In the IC-EM hybrid assembly, the IC motor powers a alternator/dynamo which repeatedly recharges a capacitor (with little energy storage capacity, in order to keep weight down). The capacitor powers the electric motor. Note that the IC motor is hence constantly started and stopped, depending on whether the capacitor is fully charged or fully depleted.See the 'Purchasing_the_models' link at appropedia's AT_CAD_Team for additional information on the model
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