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Mansion Villa Building inspirowany biurem prezyden Model 3D

FBX 2006
OBJ 6.5
3D Model Specyfikacje
393,530 Wielokąty
234,027 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV Mapping
overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 992813
5 Produkty
Od 2007

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The model is based on a real-life building in Antananarivo Madagascar called the Ambohitsorohitra Palace.

The Building is constructed out of a set of reusable modules. Both the individual modules and the combined full building are included in the package as 2 separate scenes. Additionally to the fbx an obj export is included which due to the nature of the file format has all the modules merged to one mesh in its respective scene.

The render-setup/sky-dome (clouds and trees) are not included in the package because unlike the model and textures they were not created by me from scratch.

There are 3 materials/textures used:
-The red plaster wall (separated to be quickly recolor-able by means of shader, vertex colors or texture editing without having to use any complicated masks)
-An atlas map for all highly reflective surfaces (includes a roughness map for dirt etc...)
-An atlas map for all the super rough none reflective surfaces

The normal-maps of these 3 materials assume that the up vector is Negative Y and might have to be flipped to give correct shading results depending on your application of choice.

All textures are included as both *.psd and *.tga.
The models materials reference the psds the tgas are included just for compatibilitys sake in case you dont have Adobe Photoshop.

The model is efficient enough to be used in a real-time 3D engine. I have tested it in both Unity and Unreal.

I have 15years+ of professional game industry experience and hope that you will find that this model meets or exceeds game industry standards.
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