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Robot przemysłowy 6 osi mechanicznego ramienia - 3 Model 3D

przez BLOC_D
Licencja na model 3D: Standard    Licencja na aktualizację
3ds Max 2015  |  V-Ray 3.6
3ds Max 2015  |  V-Ray 3.6
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 3.6
FBX 2015
OBJ 2015
maps (diffuse, Glossiness, heigh, normal,ior, refl
3D Model Specyfikacje
456,872 Wielokąty
335,097 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
UV Mapping
non-overlapping Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 1207560
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Od 2015

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Industrial Robot Model
The robot :
6 axes robot fully rigged and textured, you can choose between 3 tools head (each one on a different layers :
- A gripper head
-A laser cutting head
-A welding head (arc welding etc ...)
You can use it in a lot of different situatuation, assembling, packaging, soldering, laser cutting, arc welding ... Make multiples robot and made them interacting. You can build a complete factory with this model.

Modeling :
-made in 3dsmax by a 3D professional modeler.
-Modeled with Quad Poly. you can apply turbosmooth (turbosmooth currently in 3dsmax history, set to 1)
- Good flow of polygons to keep a clean render with a light scene.
- No N-gone, moslty quad, few triangles
- All Objects have unique name with selection sets

Textures :
- Fully textured with clean UV : 2 sets of textures - one NEW and one USED
-4k Textures, each part of the robot with diffuse, reflection, specular, normal map, IOR, all made carefully in substance painter and exported to vray settings.
- You can custom the robot texture by adding an extra texture layers with your logo, or blend between the clean version and the used version if you need.
- All ID material are simply selectable with the selection set list
Animation / rigging :
- The robot is Animated frame 0 to 200 so you can easily understand all the action and movements. You can select all the dummy and delete all keys for a fresh start.
- The robot is completely rigged, each part linked to a dummy with rotation or position (locked to one axe)
- You can move it, rotate it, scale it without error.
- Rotation and Sliding part are indicated with arrow
- You can animate it by hand or use the IK inverse method.
- The gripper is rigged with a (super simple) Bones systeme and a HI solver.
- Use the dummy to Animate, not the arrow
- Render are already set up, Originally made in Vray 3.6, made with a custom HDRI provided in the scene and maps.
- Camera and lights on different layer.
- The last functionnality of vray are note used, so you should be OK even if you have vray 2.0
- All materials are already setuped in the scene.
- 2 Differents multimat set are included ine the scene :
ROBOT-NEW-MATERIAL : Clean texture mat with a little bit of imperfection, like a fresh painted one.
ROBOT-USED-MATERIAL : Used Texture mat, with scratched, dirt, leaks ...

Check All the Turnables, renders and Wires Before buying, and check the animation to see an example of the movement this 6 axes robot can do.
Thanks and happy Rendering
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