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Humpback Whale Adult Rigged Model 3D

przez Tora2097
Apr 6, 2018
CheckMate Pro Atestowany
3ds Max 2014  |  V-Ray 3.2
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Model of an adult Humpback Whale.

Complete with all shaders and textures ready for rendering in V-Ray.

-Surrounding ocean scene is included.

-Units are in cm, the whale is around 14m (roughly 45 feet) long.

-Model is rigged without any custom controls, only regular bonechains and Skin modifier.

-Model is animated into a pose on frame 10, which is the start frame in the scene. Reset the timeline to start at frame 0 to revert to the default pose of the whale or merge into an existing scene.
No other animation is included.

-Model uses the Turbosmooth and Displace modifier for additional details.

-Included textures:

whale_diffuse                - 8192x8192 px
whale_displacement      -4096x4096 px
whale_normal                -4096x4096 px
whale_eye.jpg                   -509x509   px

Info: This is the updated version 2 model of the humpback whale, which is using a more advanced shading network and can also now open and close the mouth.
The older version is still available through the supporting items on the right. All product images show the updated version.

No postwork was done to any of the images.
3dsmax was set to a linear workflow with a Gamma of 2.2 in the preferences.
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