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1964 Ford Falcon Delivery Custom Model 3D

3ds Max 2008  |  mental ray
Maya 2010  |  mental ray
Cinema 4D 11.5  |  Default Scanline
FBX 2006
3D Model Specyfikacje
170,000 Wielokąty
190,000 Wierzchołki
Polygonal Geometria
UV Mapping
Mixed Nieopakowane UV
ID produktu: 786798
15 Produkty
Od 2013

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This photo-realistic 3d model was built in 3ds Max 2008 using accurate blueprints and high resolution images to help capture the likeness and details of the real life object. Built accurately to be to be shown in a any type of shot, whether extreme close-up, medium shot, or just passing by in a full shot: it won't breakdown and start losing shape.

The model mainly consist of quads and triangles.

The textures for the obj and fbx files will have to be manually applied.

Model is built to real-world scale.

Models come non smoothed to keep the poly count down. Not all parts should be smoothed. However, parts that can be smoothed have the labeled MS in their object name.

170,000                  no meshsmooth
310,000                  meshsmooth

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