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What is Mixamo?

Mixamo offers world-renowned expertise in 3D character animation. It is the only online service that:

  • Retargets motion data automatically to different character models
  • Can bake motion data onto 3ds Max Biped control rigs
  • Offers real-time customization of motions
TurboSquid + Mixamo?

Mixamo offers the highest quality character animations online, always a perfect match for Mixamo certified models from TurboSquid.

  • All motions found on Mixamo.com are guaranteed to work seamlessly with Mixamo Certified 3D models.
  • Highest quality 3D character models on TurboSquid are now certified by Mixamo for additional quality of experience.
  • Users can view certified models at Mixamo.com without uploading them.
Getting Started

Using certified TurboSquid models with Mixamo animations is a breeze. Here's how to get started:

  1. Find the Mixamo-certified TurboSquid character you want to purchase by simply putting "mixamo" into any search box to see the current list.
  2. Download your purchased character.
  3. Go to the Mixamo website and log-in or create a new account.
  4. Once logged in, begin selecting a motion to customize and then view the Mixamo-certified model by selecting it from the "3d Party" tab.
  5. When done, place the new motion into your Mixamo shopping cart for purchase and download.
  6. When complete, merge the downloaded Mixamo motion file into your 3ds Max character scene