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Rusty Steel Substance with Inputs

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Codice prodotto:1207198
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TurboSquid Membro da October 2008
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This is a fully interactive PBR rusty steel substance. This is great to use in Substance Painter for texturing post-apocalyptic, or any assets that need corroded metal. This substance uses Metal-Roughness physically based PBR workflow.

This is a fully interactive material with controls and sliders for effects such as rust on edges, rust in occluded areas, and leaks which are driven by image inputs. Inputs available are Curvature, Ambient Occlusion, Position and World Space normal. The substance also uses tri-planar projection which can be turned on or off as well as tri-planar tiling.

Leaks for example get direction from position map, so they are always oriented correctly, and rust gathers in occluded places defined by ambient occlusion map.

Paint color can be changed or paint can be disabled entirely, revealing a metal surface.

There are also two types of rust and a bias setting for rust which can be adjusted for more flexibility, and small additional surface damage.

List if interactive sliders and buttons:

Edge Rust (Toggle)
Edge Rust Level
Edge Wear Contrast
Edges Smoothness
Grunge Amount
Scratches Amount
Scratches Scale
Leaks Color
Leaks Samples Amount
Use Position Map for Leaks (Toggle)
Use Triplanar (Toggle)
Tiling (Triplanar)
Rust Type (Choose 1 or 2)
Rust in Occluded (Toggle)
Occluded Power
Rust Level
Rust Bias
Surface Color
Paint Toggle
Additional Damage

Image inputs:

World Space Normal
Ambient Occlusion

With this substance it is possible to create quick variations and texture large number of assets automatically. This is a must have tool for any texture artist.
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