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Virus Cell Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Formati inclusi
3ds Max 2017 mental ray
Cinema 4D R18 Default Scanline
Modo 10.2.2
FBX 2015
Shared textures folder

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1137286
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Mixed
TurboSquid Membro da March 2017
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Flu Virus Cell Model by Polystorm

This is a high quality model of a Flu virus cell based on Electron Microscope imagery.
3 versions (Hi, Mid, Low Poly) all quads except low poly. 4K/2K/1K 32bit .exr textures and normal maps.
Number of tentacles can be changed procedurally only in Modo 'procedural' files.

Hi Poly: 1.292.259 verts / 1.249.530 polys
Mid Poly: 341.405 verts / 303.113 polys
Low Poly: 22.297 verts / 24.300 polys

Poly count can change drastically depending on the number of 'tentacles' and 'small particles' replicated. Those are instances anyway and wont take up as much performance/memory.
The 'instanced hierarchy' setup carries through in all the formats provided. Want to change just 1 of the 14 different tentacles provided? Change the master object/material for that source geometry and it will propagate to all the copies/instances.

MODO: 6 files

1- Hi poly geometry with procedural textures as bump and displacement for maximum image quality. 14 unique 'tentacles' each with own UV's, replicated along the surface. Replicators are 'live' so it is possible to change the total number of 'tentacles' as needed.

2- Hi poly geometry with baked textures and 'freezed' replicators. Replicators are transformed into 'physical' instances.

3- Mid poly geometry with procedural textures. 7 unique 'tentacles', live replicators.

4- Mid poly geometry with baked textures and freezed replicators. Normal maps included.

5- Low poly geometry with procedural textures. 2 unique tentacles, live replicators.

6- Low poly geometry with baked textures. 2 unique tentacles, live replicators. Normal maps included.

Every single model of every version has non-overlapping UV's. Where possible square UV's are used to get maximum texel density.
The core 'cell' hi poly object has a second UV channel with overlapping uv. Since uv seams are hidden in the cavities it can be used with a planar texture (included) to get more resolution. Mid and low poly cell object have 1 regular non-overlapping UV.
This ensure ideal flexibility in workflow. Depending on the situation, one can choose, mix and match different parts of different versions. From a 10um close up shot for a movie to a mobile game, all cases are covered.

3DS MAX: 6 files

1- Hi poly
2- Mid poly
3- Low poly

Max 2015 and Max 2017 .max files. Baked versions, no procedurals.

CINEMA 4D: 3 files

1- Hi poly
2- Mid poly
3- Low poly

C4D R18. Baked versions, no procedurals.


1- Hi poly
2- Mid poly
3- Low poly

Obj's of every separate object in 3 LOD's, all UV'd.
Since obj file format only support 1 set of UV's the 'cell' hi poly model (which uses 2 channels) has been exported twice.

Textures are shared among all programs to save disk space and are categorized between LODs, in Modo relative texture path has been used. Best practice is to unzip every folder and put it in one folder, example:

Virus Cell (root folder)
3ds Max

If Cinema or Max cannot find the maps, just point at the right folder for the LOD you are using in 'Textures' folder.

As a last note, this project focus on reproducing realistically the look of Electron Microscope pictures, which are black and white. Real colors of cells and viruses are still unknown. For this reason no color maps are provided. If you need / want to colorize the cell, just copy some disp/bump maps into the color channel and play with gradients!


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