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T-rex - animato Modello 3D

3D Modello specificazioni
18,802 poligoni
9,832 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
Unknown UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 303082
11 Prodotti
da 2002

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UPDATE: There is now also a non-animated version of this model available (product ID # 369646).

This model is a fully rigged and animated high definition subdivision model utilizing a 16-bit displacement map, including textures, materials, displacement setup and render settings. Add Meshsmooth iterations under the displacement modifier to increase the mesh density and render detail level according to your needs. The higher the subdivisions the higher the mesh detail. Simply turn off Meshsmooth modifier for fast deformation in the viewport, very useful for rigging and animation.

The file comes with ready-to-go Vray rendersettings as seen on the pictures. Ofcourse, if you do not wish to use or do not have Vray installed there is no problem using your own preferred renderer, just change the render settings in the maxrenderer to whatever you wish.

Subdivision cage is modelled using 3dsMax 8, with highres sculpting and map-generation in Zbrush 2.0. Hires textures included in best quality jpeg/tiff format. The enclosed max-file uses only modifiers native to Max.

Included is an easy to use rig with skin weights, plus animation cycles which can be used as-is or tweaked to your needs. Model is also easy to pose for stills.

-Walk cycle, frames 20-60.
-Run cycle, frames 100-130.

Polygon specifications for 0 subdivs:
-Trex body: 9.698 triangles.
-Tongue: 104 triangles.
-Backspikes: 6.132 triangles.
-Eyes: 240 triangles.
-Footscales: 2.628 triangles.
Total: 18.802 triangles.

(For realtime, replace hipoly extras like teeth, spikes, scales, etc with lower-res versions if needed.)
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