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3ds Max 2014 Default Scanline 2014
3ds Max 2011 Default Scanline 2011
3ds Max 2012 Default Scanline 2012
3ds Max 2014 Default Scanline 2014

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:827541
Geometria:Polygonal Tris only
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro da June 2009
Attualmente vende 40 prodotti
Valutazione del prodotto
2 Valutazioni inviate
Dec 20, 2018
Author is really bad at helping his customers.
Anyway this model won''t export as model(obj,gltf,fbx) properly. Everything is black when I import model in unity or threejs.
I''m really disapointed bcs I dropped 224$ on this..

A Animated Fantasy Star, view with filter.

Only procedural maps;

To feel and see better the atmosphere in real animation time, download the animation in Previews =>>>>>>>>

Made with particles in pflow of 3dsMax;
Much motion blur;
Glow effect;
Noise and displace modifiers animated in a geosphere;
And a several animated procedural maps to materials;

With some knowledge of 3dsmax ajusting the maps, or the forces, glow and blur effects, or rotating the Helpers parents of each solar wind spot, you can got several diferent insteresting results. I made one more and put available with the original files... the ' DarkStar ' as example.

Render time 1080p in one i7 6gb ram:
After first particles calculated, the others in sequence:
take ~42 seconds the frame.

First frame 51:
~3 minutes;

Scanline standard 3dsMax render;

Have some explanations in images, look at they.


- Have a one ' FlameCrown ' object, its a crown with a opacitymap animated, he are ever looking to the scene camera, with out he, already have nice results( you can just select he right button and turn off renderable).
But if you will use the flame crown, align and link the scene camera source and target to your new animated camera source and target. To the flamecrown object to be ever looking to your new animated camera.

- Are being used a strong motion Blur effect to generate 'plasma' visual effect in the particles,
If your camera animation to be fast, may be are nice adjust the blur effects at all in hotkey' F10 ' / Render / ImageMotion Blur, Or one by one in the particle View nodes right button each 'events', to not blurring much all,.. or try other solution.

- Have a large amount of particles, so, dont jump in one time the timeslide to a frame much far.

- I advice go step by step frame by frame, or just the play.

- The animations are infinite, but if you to want render beyond of frame 7000 . You have Open the Particle view(hotkey '6') and in the two birth operators set to emit beyond of frame 7000.

- Is not a cientific model;

- For not use fluid or other pluguins, depending of the case have some issues, but nice the render until a medium distance.
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