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Lampada Sea Shell Modello 3D

3D Modello specificazioni
48,512 poligoni
48,512 vertici
Subdivision Geometria
Codice prodotto: 317274
132 Prodotti
da 2004

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Beautiful sea shell-themed bathroom light fixture modeled in Carrara 4.0 and provided in .car and .3ds formats. This fixture is carefully modeled for architectural interior scenes and suitable for both close-up and far-away shots.

The metal backboard, light bulbs, and light sockets were modeled with a simple polygonal geometry. The sea shell bulb covers and metal support strips were modeled using subdivision. Two .3ds files are provided: one with the original unsubdivided mesh, and one with level 1 subdivision (used in the above preview renders). If desired, higher levels of subdivision can be obtained by smoothing the unsubdivided mesh.

The unsubidived scene contains 48,512 polygons (triangles), while level 1 subdivision raises the count to 121,952 polygons.

Product includes:
- Light fixture Carrara file (.CAR)
- Light fixture .3DS file
- Light fixture .OBJ file
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