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IO IO IO! ragazza - modello 3D posabile Modello 3D

Blender 2.79  |  Blender Render
extract the archive so that the textures files res
3D Modello specificazioni
386,072 poligoni
390,513 vertici
Subdivision Geometria
UV mappato
non-overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1281524
4 Prodotti
da 2018

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MEMEME girl - posable 3D model

Girl from Teddyloid's ME!ME!ME! music\anime videoclip
Project file for Blender

- All modifiers were kept un-applied where possible to hep you modify the model. (mirror, subdivisions, multires are there for you)
- Textures and UV provided for body and dress (4096px) - PSD file available for a fast edit of the dress.
for the main elements such as body and hair a dirt vertexcolor-map is also provided

- Geometry is quad-only with the exception for the spheres of the eyes
- the model is quite highpoly, feel free to decrease the subdivision modifier, but remember to re-bind the mesh deform modifier for the dress and the shoes (more on them below)

- 2 armatures for body and hair (hair armature is parented to the body armature)
- No facial expression rigging except for brows, tongue and 3 shape-keys included for the mouth (neutral, happy and sad mouth shapes)
- Inverse kinematic for legs\knee, arms\elbow and hair
- 1 main pose included (bonus poses: extreme bending, rest pose, stylish pose)
- main body controls have shape-bones to facilitate visual recognition and are on a different bone-layer
- IMPORTANT: the deformations of the dress and the shoes happen through a 'mesh deform' modifiers: the highpoly meshes (dress and shoes) are controlled by low poly cage-like meshes that have been properly weightpainted. If you want to edit the dress remember to re-bind the highpoly mesh to the lowpoly mesh (and eventually edit this last one accordingly). If you want to edit the weightpaint do it on the (proxy) lowpoly mesh.
Lowpoly mesh-deforming mesh are HIDDEN from viewport and render, don't forget to make them visible if you are going to edit them (outliner panel).
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