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Collezione Kitchen Modello 3D

3ds Max 9
3D Modello specificazioni
600 poligoni
800 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
Unknown UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 487706
29 Prodotti
da 2006

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This is the Tetravol Kitchen Furniture Collection. Includes everything you need to create all kinds of kitchen, with all the needed elements including a cabinet construction set, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and all kind of details like toasters and cutlery.

With the provided construction set you can assemble all kinds of kitchens in the shape you need.

The models have a medium-high poly count, ideal for both render and realtime applications. All textures are included.


22 Cabinet Modules, with a polycount of 100-2000 each
11 Sinks, with a polycount of 500-3000 each
4 Refrigerators, with a polycount of 100-500 each
6 Washing Machines, with a polycount of 200-1000 each
7 Burners, both classic and vitro, with a polycount of 100-2000 each
6 Ovens, with a polycount of 100-600 each
33 Other Details, with a polycount of 50-4500 each

Total 85 objects, 45241 polys

This collection is part of of the Tetravol Furniture Mega Collection, wich includes more than 600 interior furniture models. If you are interested in more furniture and want to save money, we recommend you the Mega Collection instead.

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