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Yacht Marina e Navi Modello 3D

Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
3ds Max 2020  |  V-Ray 5
3ds Max 2018  |  V-Ray 5
3D Modello specificazioni
12,141,779 poligoni
7,366,844 vertici
Polygonal Ngons used Geometria
UV mappato
Mixed UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1102776
210 Prodotti
da 2006

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Yachts Marina

Looking for decent models to populate your marina? Well look no more products since you just found the best and overall the cheapest one you'll ever find. Model features 2 molos with 25 ships that you can just merge into your scene within seconds.

Molo itself consists of different parts (normal, ending, Tshape etc.) so you can adjust it to the shape you need. Ocean shader, scene lighting/material setup and displacement map for water is also included.

All the ships in this product are precisely modelled, textured and materialed. In proper scale, with proper names and simple uvw setup that will allow you to create many more different looking ships easily.

In total the model features:

- 10 unique models

- 15 copies of these models with different hull textures, materials, seating setup, decks, masts, sails setup etc. creating in total 25 different looking ships.

Unique models included in the pack:

01 speedboat

02 generic sailboat

03 sunseeker 54 motor yacht

04 sense 55 sail yacht

05 oceanis 60 sail yacht

06 bavaria 42 sailboat

07 monte carlo 105 yacht

08 sunseeker predator 108 yacht

09 twilight sail yacht

10 maxima admiral 47 super yacht

Files you can download

01 - 3dsmax 2020 + textures + Vray 5.0 scene setup

02 - 3dsmax 2018 + Vray 5.0 scene setup

03 - OBJ file with models only

04 - textures

All the ships can also be purchased separately

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