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Contee di Washington Modello 3D

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Licenza Royalty
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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:419346
UV mappato:Unknown
UV non avvolto:Unknown
TurboSquid Membro da December 2006
Attualmente vende 93 prodotti
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This is an accurate model of United States with all 51 states and the one given state is divided into counties. You can also buy other states with counties or my entire collection with all 3000+ counties.
Every state and county named correctly and comes with a Text object (in 3ds Max version this is a fully editable text shape) linked to it. Also for this collection I developed a special macroscript tool, 'Batch Text Edit', that allows you to change multiple text objects inside 3ds Max with just ‘one click’. If you want to change the font style or size in 3000+ objects, that's the quickest solution you can find and you will save many hours of your valuable time.
In the 3ds Max version all of the objects are fully editable splines or text shapes with a bevel modifier. You can easily change the modifier, use the spline shapes as a path for animation, or convert the geometry to mesh and edit it further. Other formats include all of the objects (USA outline, 51 states and 3077 counties, each with a unique text object)        
Two video previews are available – one with a screen view of the whole 3000+ counties collection and the second one with a quick preview of the Batch Text Edit tool included with the product. Both video previews are available in QuickTime and AVI format. Videos available for download from the entire collection product page.
after Turboquid dot com paste /FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/419095
(forgive me the extra copy/paste, but TS doesn't allow any URLs in the description.)
Documentation in PDF format available along with the Batch Text Edit Tool.
All data according to the National Association of Counties.
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