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Contenitori militari Modello 3D

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3ds Max 9.0 Default Scanline
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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1050948
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Mixed
TurboSquid Membro da August 2003
Attualmente vende 355 prodotti
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Military 20 feet containers pack is collection of 4 high quality CheckMate certified models, and contains: shipping container 20 feet, office base container 20 feet, open side container 20 feet and ISO Tank Container 20 feet.
All models are made from segments, built with great attention to small details, high exact and realistic proportions with correct geometry. All Objects are properly named, with named materials and textures. Native 3d model format is: 3ds Max 9.0.

Specification of 20 feet containers pack:
1. Shipping container 20 feet - CheckMate Pro Certified
Product ID: 726249 Individual Model Price: 49$
Model Specifications: Polys: 29665; Verts: 29069
Polygons With 3 Sides    1594 ( 5,3%)
Polygons With 4 Sides 28071 (94,7%)
Textures - 10*.jpg

2. 20ft_Office container - CheckMate Lite Certified
Product ID: 1048575 Individual Model Price: 39$
Model Specifications: Polys: 25545; Verts: 24858
Polygons With 3 Sides      344 ( 1,3%)
Polygons With 4 Sides 25201 (98,7%)
Textures - 9*.jpg

3. 20_ft Open side shipping container - CheckMate Lite Certified
Product ID: 727151 Individual Model Price: 59$
Model Specifications: Polys: 82350; Verts: 80706
Polygons With 3 Sides    4392 ( 5,3%)
Polygons With 4 Sides 77958 (94,7%)
Textures - 12*.jpg

4. 20ft_Tank container - CheckMate Lite Certified
Product ID: 1050343 Individual Model Price: 39$
Model Specifications: Polys: 80080; Verts: 80456
Polygons With 3 Sides      624 ( 0,7%)
Polygons With 4 Sides 79456 (99,3%)
Textures - 7*.jpg

High level of detail with the best compromise of the number of polygons.
All details have been fully modeled out making the models ideal for close-ups and print work.
All models have CheckMate Pro(1)/Light(3) Certificate
Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris

Material and Textures
All objects have UVW Mapping projections.
Models use *.png/jpg Textures, resolution depends on the importance within the model.

Render is done with non-illuminated 3ds Max 9.0 version with standard materials. Render by default, no 3rd Party Plug-ins required to load files or render scene.
Models look like the thumbnails.
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