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KineticDeath Class Modello 3D

gmax 1.2
3D Modello specificazioni
5,461 poligoni
5,605 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
Unknown UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 358293
16 Prodotti
da 2004
KineticDeath Class advanced cruiser (possibly heavy destroyer). This ship is pretty low poly. Its designed to be sleek and slender, full filling the role of a high speed striker in a fleet action. Carries 3 weapons and a rangefinder cannon, no other gun batteries and no turrets.

Model consists of 14 total objects totalling 5605 verts and 5461 polys. No animations, no lights or cameras. Pretty basic model, I will leave it up to you, the users to determine how good she is. Just a notice, the model is linked off the main hull component 'box 04' - I apologise for not better naming them before I uploaded model. Perhaps I could rename the parts and upload a refined model soon.

Search EarthForce for more of my work. Enjoy the KineticDeath!

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