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Fregata Iver Huitfeldt e MH-60 Seahawk Modello 3D

Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
Nov 15, 2020
CheckMate Pro Certificato
StemCell Certified
3ds Max 2017  |  V-Ray 3.4
3ds Max 2017  |  Default Scanline
Cinema 4D R18  |  Advanced Render
Cinema 4D R18  |  Arnold
Unity 5.4
Unreal 4.10
3ds Max 2018  |  Arnold
3ds Max 2015  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2015  |  V-Ray 3.2
Maya 2017  |  Arnold
Maya 2015  |  mental ray
Maya 2015  |  V-Ray 3.2
FBX Metallic v
FBX Specular v
helicopter 4096px X 4096px
RHIB 4096px X 4096px
Hull 8192px X 8192px
Fittings 8192px X 8192px
Weapons 8192px X 8192px
3D Modello specificazioni
977,048 poligoni
963,214 vertici
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV mappato
non-overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1647528
211 Prodotti
da 2005

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Iver Huitfeldt frigate and MH-60 Seahawk

The Iver Huitfeldt class is a three-ship class of frigates that entered service with the Royal Danish Navy in 2012 and 2013. The SeaHawk Anti-submarine helicopter as of 2016.

Renders made in VRay unless otherwise indicated.

Model built to 1:1 realworld scale


Objects intelligently grouped.

PBR Materials.


L- 140m

W- 20m


Polygons - 944917

Vertices - 931512



W - 13m

H - 5m

Polygons - 32131

Verts - 31702

PBR Materials

ih_Hull_diffuse.png 2048px X 2048px

ih_Hull_glossiness.png 2048px X 2048px

ih_Hull_normal.png 2048px X 2048px

ih_Hull_specular.png 2048px X 2048px

ih_Hull_opacity.png 2048px X 2048px

fittings_diffuse.png 2048px X 2048px

fittings_glossiness.png 2048px X 2048px

fittings_normal.png 2048px X 2048px

fittings_specular.png 2048px X 2048px

weapons_diffuse.png 2048px X 2048px

weapons_glossiness.png 2048px X 2048px

weapons_normal.png 2048px X 2048px

weapons_specular.png 2048px X 2048px

heloDan_diffuse.png 2048px X 2048px

heloDan_glossiness.png 2048px X 2048px

heloDan_normal.png 2048px X 2048px

heloDan_specular.png 2048px X 2048px

heloDan_opacity.png 2048px X 2048px

For high resolution rendering use the included High Res materials 8192px X 8192px and 4096px X 4096px.

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