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Frattura del vetro animato (VRay) Modello 3D

Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
3ds Max 7
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0 poligoni
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Polygonal Geometria
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Codice prodotto: 255540
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da 2003

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This is a fully animated scene of a super-slow-motion glass fracture after heavy impact. The arrow penetrating the glass should be considered a stand-in for any custom object you wish to be causing this blast effect. It will also look realistic with a ball or a teapot even ;-)
With this fully keyframed scene there's no need for you to run computing-expensive fracture dynamics on your own.

The shard pattern and animation have been created using standard MAX modeling techniques and reactor®. All necessary helpers and auxiliary collision objects are available on a hidden layer and still contain the original dynamics settings, so that you can refine and alter the breakup animation as needed.

The scene is ready for rendering using VRay. You can of course replace the glass materials with your own standard raytrace shaders, as well.

Don't miss the preview animation, which can be downloaded below!

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