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Political 3D Globe, anno 2016 Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Formati inclusi
3ds Max 2010 Default Scanline
3ds Max 2010 Default Scanline
FBX 2006
FBX 2006

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:997211
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Yes, overlapping
TurboSquid Membro da January 2006
Attualmente vende 45 prodotti
Valutazione del prodotto
senza punteggio
Geopolitical 3D globe with extruded, beveled countries and differerent texture options, current as of january 2016.

When buying a political globe you should check if it shows the current political state of the world. For example,
South Sudan became independent in 2011, but many available globe still do not show it as a separate country.

There are two versions:
- All countries as one mesh, with material ids for the colors
- All countries as separate meshes for easier manipulation

The globe and grid are separate meshes.

Standard 3ds max materials are used, all preview renderings use the scanline renderer.

The countries are uv-mapped, allowing different colors for back and front side.

The texture sources are included as a layered Photoshop file with resolution 4094 x 4094.

Some Notes:
- South Sudan is included as a separate country
- Somaliland is shown as a separate country, according to its de-facto state
- Alaska, Hawaii and French Guiana, which are far away of their main lands, are shown as separate items to allow easier manipulation
- the Crimea is shown according to UN resolution 68/262 as part of Ukraine.

If you need a different configuration please contact me via Turbosquid.

Wavefront .obj and files may need new texture assignments.
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