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Fantasy Medieval Young Male 3 Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Formati inclusi
Blender 1.0 Cycles Render 2.76
FBX 1.0
OBJ 1.0

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1392367
Geometria:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro da June 2018
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Valutazione del prodotto
senza punteggio
Fantasy medieval Young Male 3 consists of one rigged and skinned character mesh object and texture maps.
A default material can be used.
Does not require 3rd party renderers, plug-ins or scripts.
A next-gen style, low poly, action and adventure character
Quad based body topology.mostly, with triangles at non deforming areas including the head. It is designed to have minimal polygons so is not subdividable.
The FK rig includes bones for 5 fingers on each hand for using weapons and gestures and includes eye rotation and ankle and toe bones.
The included rig is compatable with Unity mecanim humanoid setup.for retargetting external animations.
As is usual this rig can be deleted from the mesh for re rigging with different skeletons.
Real world scale of 156cm/1.56m in height consistant wirh a 9 to 14 year old.

2048x2048px textures include:
1x Diffuse Color Map
1x Ambient Occlusion Map.
1x Combined Diffuse and AO Map.
1x Transparant UV Layout Map.
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